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Chain Link Fence

The functionality of chain link fences is a major highlight of this type of fence. Not only is it inexpensive and durable, it is virtually maintenance free. Chain link is galvanized steel that is “linked” together. It’s often a silver color. The steel comes in various sizes and the opening size can vary as well.

Chain link fences are suitable in both residential and commercial settings. Some examples of commercial uses include:

  • sports fences such as tennis courts and volley ball courts
  • enclosures for commercial and industrial facilities

Chain link fences are now even available in a range of colors which make them attractive for residential settings. For example, they can be an

  • economical way to enclose a pool
  • efficient means to providing privacy
  • excellent option for pet containment

Chain link fencing, which is available in a range of coatings, strengths, heights and even colors, has proven to be a versatile type of fencing. G & S Fence has been installing chain link fences in Tallahassee and southern Georgia for years. We look forward to working with you to determine your needs in chain link fencing. Give us a call at 850-391-3870 for your free consultation.

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